Ghosts Cooking Hot Cakes

"Okusurina (medicine girls)" LYRICS

On long and sleepless nights,
I hear some sounds coming from the kitchen door
What if it’s a burglar, oh no!
I hold my blanket very tight
And quietly peak through the opening of the door

Yikes! Ghosts!

Dororon-Pa, Dororon-Pa
The kitchen is packed full of scary ghosts
If my mom sees, she will surely pass out
Ghosts are scary, makes me shiver and cry

Boyoyon-Pa, Boyoyon-Pa
What are these ghosts doing in middle of the night
I wanna know, wanna know more
I’ve come up with a very good plan
I too should become one of them ghosts!

Ghosts are breaking fresh eggs in a bowl
Ghost are pouring some flour too
Ghosts are measuring some milk in a cup
Ghosts are licking some sugar too

My job to do tonight, is mixing it good and right
With all the ingredients in a bowl mix it good, mix it good, mix it good

Dribble it into the frying pan
Bubble of cream start popping up all over
Flip it over with the twist of the wrist
Look at it, a brown colored hot cake done

All the ghosts take a deep long breath
The smell is so good it makes us drool

Come on everyone, let’s have a bite
Let’s eat the hot cake we made

Place a piece of butter on the top
Dribble some honey
Chocolate is a favorite too
And with vanilla ice cream it will be perfect!

(My tummy is so full.)

"Ghosts Cooking Hot Cakes" Japanese ver.